I will be discussing the nature of eyeglasses for my small object project. I always thought the only purpose of wearing eyeglasses was to help someone see with poor eyesight. However, I also figure out eyeglasses not only helps your vision, but it keeps substances like dirt or dust particles from getting into your eyes. This means glasses are good protection to the eyes if anything harmful will happen.There are even worthy of shielding your eyes from ultraviolet rays. Also known as sunglasses to prevent harmful rays to the eye when looking straight up to the sun. What’s even fascinating is their use in cold environments. It’s important to wear glasses outside in snowy conditions because a person could get snow blindness for staying out for a long period of time with eyes unprotected from the sun’s ultraviolet light. It’s why many people who go skiing or snowboarding wear glasses for eye protection. Wearing glasses culturally may be a sign of being smarter and intelligent as a personality. A person with glasses could be professional at a certain job such as working for a business. Normal glasses may not help with every activity that could be a physical sport with the chances of slipping off or damaging the lenses that could injure the eye. Contact lens may be an option to risk breaking normal glasses but there are eyeglasses designed to wear when playing a sport. These glasses have lower risks of eye injuries while maintaining their sport performance.

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