I. Eye Protection

I’ve worn glasses since I was very young. The perspective of eyeglasses may only be useful when having better vision. As someone with poor eyesight who must rely on wearing glasses or contact lenses, they are more important than just vision. Winter hobbies that I like to do during the winter with my friends such as snow tubing is fun. Many places to ski or tubing when you’re near the mountains. When going on a trip for snow tubing, wearing gloves, winter coat, and snow boots are how to be warm against the cold. However, eyes can be important to take care of especially when the sun comes around. From going off the hill on the tube, sunglasses would be a good choice when sliding down. I wear these glasses to prevent snow blindness which can harm the eyes from the sun when staying outside too long in cold weather. With the proper eyewear, it’s helpful when not getting snow in my eyes. When snowing heavily, the glasses prevent the snowflakes from getting into my eyes that will be annoying to go through. Not as complicated to get rid of snow on my face when wearing glasses to prevent me rubbing my own eyes. 

II. The Professionalize Vision

Sometimes the use of wearing eyeglasses is seen as being nerdy in our culture which I don’t believe is always true. Wearing glasses can be a sign of being intelligent in some cases. As someone who is interested in computer programming, I do my best to work and research about how information technology works in a business. Learning how to organize data and work with many software applications. Based on what job I will get in the near future, I might get a sense of being bright for the application. Wearing a blazer or slacks is a part of professional attire, but glasses are another tool for that. It can be a personality from the way it looks that can tell some character behind myself to be honest or trustworthy. Taking them off, I totally look like a different person through the mirror. It may not affect my character but changes the look from what I see everyday. Glasses must be taken care of from washing and cleaning the lenses from day to day basis. To show them at least looking good as new.

III. Physical Safety Of Eyes

Wearing glasses to prevent particles like snow, dust, dirt into my eyes from an activity are not always supportive. Especially when playing into a sport. Sports I casually like to play such as baseball and basketball may have some problems with wearing the use of normal eyeglasses. If a ball was ever to hit me straight in the face with my glasses on. It could cause the lenses to break. As well as injuring my own eyes. Injures like a sprained ankle I would be able to walk it off but my eyes being damaged would be a worse case scenario. One option to be safe is to wear contact lenses. So not only to be less worried of getting an eye injury, but to save my regular glasses from being broken. However, there are glasses designed to be worn when playing sports. The glasses that I would wear are known as sport specs. Sport specs is a type of glasses athletes used in many sports. When it comes to playing baseball on the field, I have nothing to fear of getting hit in the eye by maintaining to have fun and playing the game. I would not always use them since I also use contact lenses which are considered much easier to have on but these glasses do exist and would be a good start to have.

IV. A Clear Vision

After discussing the physical nature of glasses, I understand the many features and capability for being used in outside activities. These may now only involve going skiing or snow tubing, but it can be other activities like driving a buggy car in the dirt road. Driving the car can cause dirt and mud to spatter near the vehicle while dust particles come from behind. It’s somewhat of an object to be used to protect eyes from facing harmful side effects. How it’s used in American culture can be described as someone who is intelligent with a good track record in hand. This does not mean all people with glasses can be as good with intelligence but this an interesting factor to look into. Hope this reading gives you a new perspective on glasses.

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