The series of photos reveals how using a phone to make short electronic notes works. Showing many angles and being in person using the iphone when being involved in physical activities. These physical activities would include going to the gym which requires a lot of energy to maintain and remember. The maker selected this subject for the image set to visually present how an average person would use it, especially to keep track of a workout to remind the individual what muscles you should work on and how long it should take. One picture shows the iphone in an angle while typing a list of words. Image shows how completed in writing in the notepad. I select this to show using the notepad app can not only just type in random words but can be detailed and properly written. One feature is showing a first person view on using the iphone. It changes in third person view. The phone is even held in different positions as it’s not being used the same. The image featuring the phone open screen laying next to a laptop is a different set compared to the hand held pictures. It might show the individual needing to rest their hand of typing by taking a break. It’s fine to not finish what you’re typing. It does suggest a community as the background is a dorm room. The subject is devices like phones can make beneficial uses for making notes while being on leisure. Setting up what to work out on is good to remind myself with. 


  1. Ethna D. Lay says:

    You’re on your way. Project 4 should come easily.


  2. When describing the pictures of the notes app, I would note how the set progresses into this. It starts with a view of the subject then the set falls into a single line that wavers until it refocuses back on the subject. I find this perspective unique because he is organizing his physical health in technology, giving it a sense of permanence, and the focus hones in on this before pulling back to the user who’s physical health will be affected by how the journaling in the notes app and follow through goes. I think the organization of these pictures takes the viewers on an interesting journey with the subject.


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