When going to the composition class in my second semester, I had mixed feelings if my writing would be good or terrible. Especially when asked a question about if I was a writer. At first, I said no because I wasn’t going to build my career on being a writer. The next few months, the posts I previously wrote actually showed the potential of me being a good writer. My original title, “Ben’s blogs”, was set to be simple. It’s what I came up with and I was hesitant to name it more complex. I never imagine naming my blog post titles to be standard because it’s early in the semester.     

Writing about 750 words at first I thought would take too long processing ideas in my draft about one object and subject. The process of how to set it up by splitting it into four parts I was able to understand. Now writing from me was enjoyable to work with. Without knowing how many words or pages I was supposed to exceed. Yet I never really bother having my titles named so simple. I wanted my titles to be inventive from what I’ve learned. This transition made me write a little harder. I realized titles that aren’t just blogpost # but relating to the subject is possible to create. 

That’s why I changed my blog title to express my growth in writing and realizing how pushing myself can lead to success. As the semester is coming to a close, this is not the end. There will be challenges, I have to overcome in writing for WSC 002 and future courses. One thing I learn about writing is it can be enjoyable to do when putting in the effort of a creative title. My writing would not be considered perfect but it was an interesting ride to develop my skills.

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