When we look at an image, we first think about what the individual is doing or what is yet to come. We never guess to question the setting usually. Visualizing images has hidden messages behind the maker. The selected images can form a connection to the subject without any sentences to explain. It can be easy to analyze an image of a person using a cell phone as a concept. The images have messages behind it that just isn’t explained in word for word. I would be describing photos from my image series to summarize what is happening.

The first image is myself in person holding a phone. I took this image from my macbook with a 3 second timer. According to Donald Murray’s essay, “All Writing Is Autobiography”, sets up elements how to set up the background when reading. Supported by Murray’s quote stating, “I may build up background description, develop the conflict, make the reader see a character more clearly” (Murray 482). The background has a clear setting appearing to be a dorm room. The setting is obvious since there are bed sheets, a microwave and mini fridge behind. The left side of the image shows a glimpse of a closet. Lighting in the room can be relatable to the many other college dorms. I’m wearing a white short-sleeve with an unknown logo. There is also a small towel around my neck applying there is a subject around. What first comes to mind is the shirt being wore for something active. It will be confirmed this is related to the gym or fitness because the clothes I’m wearing with the towel. While I never written down what is shown, you can able to tell based on the image. I was doing an extensive workout so I needed the towel to wipe sweat out of my face. A black water bottle is present close to me, ensuring its definitely related to a fitness subject. Given water is needed to hydrate during a gym session. I can make an assumption the image’s subject connecting to physical health.

This leaves questions if I workout before or after. Or if I’m sitting down or standing which isn’t clear so only the viewer can decide. I have a iPhone with two hands, both eyes looking straight at it. However, we don’t know what I’m is doing on it. We can only see the back of the phone and not the screen. We can assume its texting or searching on the web as what many individuals would do. I can be able to tell what’s on the screen as its connecting physical health to technology. Myself as the maker is to make a clear statement of how using a phone after fitness activities would be like. I even appear to be winding down and being clearly focus on the phone. Visually arguing people will tend to go on their phones as a way to rest comfortably.

The next image shows me in the same room. Now its easy to say I’m sitting on a chair with the phone handheld. While I’m not analyzing text, reading the image can be communicated as a individual story. The image doesn’t not only shows new aspects, but proves its clear this picture was taken in a room. I’m wearing black shorts which appear to be athletic shorts. The shorts reveal the clothing was meant to be fitness related. A hanging bath towel is behind myself  to applied normally that I would be taking a shower after coming back. Since I will become sweaty after working out and would like to wash up. The phone is held on the left hand while the right hand is holding the water bottle. The water bottle’s lid is opening meaning I was drinking what is left of it. If looking closely, you can see my thumb is placed on the touch screen. The image being presented may apply to the phone and has a purpose with physical activities including gyms. The maker wants prove by reading the image how phones are beneficial to these types of activities. A third person image using an electronic device doesn’t always reveal everything unless we actually see whats on it.

Here is a new image which is unlike the previous pictures because I’m taking the picture due to the shadow of myself. It focuses to the iPhone screen while the background is mostly just floor. Being able to view the screen, the notes app is whats visible to see. A common app which many iPhone or Apple product users have. The thumb is pointing to the keypad like I’m attempting type. The screen has text which showcases different workout routines such as the type, reps, and how much weight. I create this to be a checklist of varying types of workouts I planned to do. I show is in saying that electronic devices like an iPhone can be useful to keep track of things you want to accomplish. This goes further as we use our phones to text message, research, and taking notes on the app is beneficial to remind the individual about their goals without being forgotten. The message behind is to illustrate how useful phones when it comes to writing electronically than on a piece of paper. At least it can automatically fix spelling errors which a majority would prefer. You could do anything on the app if its annotating, saving passwords, creating a checklist, etc. Their are many factors behind phones people may never have thought of that influences daily lives.

I showcase the notes app again but it’s showing a different page. On top shows a “Max” and “New” titles with different workouts for certain body muscles. Numbers shown in the right is the current max while the left shows the new max in total weight. My thumb is now pointing close to the middle left on the screen where text is located. I see this as an excellent move on keeping track of personal things consider to be mini goals. This is another argument about the phone being beneficial to certain activities including fitness. The notes would set a good to reminder on what my maximum weight is while being saved on the cloud. A comment I found interesting came to mind about the phone and gym subject. The classmate who comment on my series wrote, “I find this perspective unique because he is organizing his physical health in technology, giving it a sense of permanence, and the focus hones in on this before pulling back to the user who’s physical health will be affected by how the journaling in the notes app and follow through goes” (Mejza 2021). Not only is this an uncommon way of using a phone, it expands the subject of physical health to be affected by the notes app. As reminding the individual to keep progressing to PRs will have tremendous help with their health being in shaped.  

Anyway, this will conclude the analysis of my own selected images. Anonymous people would come up with varying opinions to the images without description. They might not recognize every detail I clarify, but its worth the brain exercise to imagine what the purpose is. Reading an image sort of summarizing without any text to back it up which is really unique to do. Its worth experimenting to figure out the perspective behind images.

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