About Myself

My name is Benjamin Letta. I am a freshman from Hofstra University in my second semester here. My major is information systems. Now I am taking WSC 001 for the first time in my college career. 

To me, writing can be really enjoyable at times when reading essays or stories but it can be challenging overtime. Sometimes it takes a while to focus on a topic and come up with an idea to write about. Writing can be easy for me just like planning on writing a paper with a length of five paragraphs which takes time and effort. Now the more a go moving forward with writing, the difficulty of the work will become harder. I will always come up with writing a rough draft for assignments to revise certain mistakes such as misspelled words, confusing sentences and fact checking before being finalized.

 I do make mistakes in writing when being stressful over some assignments but it never stops me from giving up on writing better. Not everything I write is an A+ but it doesn’t mean it has to be perfect to me. I do consider writing to be fun when I feel comfortable on assignments or essays. Writing individually for me can be tougher when working but it’s helpful for asking assistance from other people to correct my writing. Something that I’m passionate about can even help me write. I hope that blogging could help me improve to be a better writer for many things to come.